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Wedding Planning: Top Tips For Stunning Photography

Once again, it has been a super busy month for our wedding co-ordinators. It seems we are congratulating a record number of couples on their engagements over the last few months. We even had a romantic candle-lit proposal in our Brooks Chapel!

In between meeting with brides (and grooms) to-be, we caught up with Nigel and Chrissie from 2 Tone Photography, who gave us some amazing tips to help couples get the most out of their wedding photography.

Q. How many weddings have you photographed?

Together we’ve been photographing weddings for over a decade, we’ve had the honour of attending the wedding days of over 500 couples and along the way we’ve learnt a thing or two. So, we’ve put our thinking caps on to compile some great tips for your photography.

Q. How do you choose a wedding photographer?

So much of your day will be fleeting but your photographs will last forever so choose your wedding photographer carefully. With so much on offer and so many photographers to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Each photographer has their own unique style so pay attention to their work.

Does the style suit and reflect your personalities and can you imagine yourself in the photographs?  Do you like the way the photographer has used light or created compositions? Do people look happy in the photographs? Memories fade over the years but photography has the ability to allow us to not only remember a moment but to relive it at any time that we choose. Choose someone that you can trust to see and capture your wedding day in the way that you would like to remember it.

Once you have a short list, take the time to look at full portfolios of work, ask to view not only wedding albums but entire wedding galleries as proofed to their couples so you can get a true indication of how consistent their work is and what will be delivered to you. Be sure to ask about insurances and back up plans. Do you ‘mesh’ well together? Find someone who you really get on well with and can trust to deliver results. Meeting them in person is best if it’s possible – and when it’s not Skype is a good option.

Once you have decided on the person(s) for the job be sure to get it all in writing and complete a contract that includes the date of the wedding, the extent of the coverage and how you will receive the final product.

Q. Do you have any tips for ‘The big day’?

Capturing the bridal party getting ready has become an important part of the day. Many brides want lovely photographs of their make-up and hair being professionally styled. To be sure that your photographer can deliver, take time to think about where you are getting ready and how big your bridal party is. Ensure the room is large enough, light enough and try your best to keep it tidy.

Be realistic with your schedule. Quite often on a wedding day things take longer than you expect, from getting your hair done to getting dressed, and occasional mishaps happen. When putting your schedule together make sure you leave extra time to deal with them without cutting into other parts of the day. Do your best to keep to time, being intentionally late will only cause you undue stress!

Consider asking your guests to put away their cameras during the ceremony. Have faith and leave the picture taking to your photographer. The bridal procession is one of the most poignant moments of the day for the happy couple. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle, to be greeted by dozens of cameras rather than happy encouraging faces. Allow your guests to be truly present and witness the happy moment with their own eyes – not the LCD screens of their cameras!  A simple chalkboard sign, a message from the vicar / registrar at the beginning of the ceremony or a message inside the order of service is usually enough to advise your guests of your wishes.

Q. If you had to offer just one pearl of wisdom, what would it be?

Be the best version of yourself…

With all the above in mind, trust your photographer, relax and be yourself, have fun and allow moments to happen.  Do this and you will be sure to have the wedding of your dreams and photographs to treasure for a lifetime.

Photography Credits:  2 Tone Photography:  www.2tonephotography.co.uk



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