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Wedding Planning: Keeping the Kids Entertained

Soft play area for kids

Are you wondering how to keep kids entertained at your wedding? Look no further than Silly Sloths! They supply beautiful soft play collections in stunning designs that can be constructed at Wynyard Hall, providing hours of entertainment of the little ones.

The fun activity area includes cushioned tiered wedding cakes, a horse and cart, doves, quiz cubes and more – all in wonderful wedding designs featuring a bride, groom, nuptial rings and fancy Mr and Mrs decorative words.

We’re super excited to welcome Silly Sloths Soft Play onto our list of recommended suppliers! We had a little catch up with founders Helen and Daniel, to find out a bit more about their offering.

Q: Tell us more about Silly Sloths…

A: We take care of entertainment for young guests at weddings. As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to keep little ones entertained – when kids are happy, the parents are naturally more relaxed and able to enjoy the special day more. Children often find it hard to sit still, concentrate and abide by the boring rules of ‘grown up time’, which can make it more challenging for adult guests at weddings. They love to explore, climb, hide and slide, which is where we come in. We can transform any space into a fun exciting, educational and most importantly, clean area to play in. As you know, happy kids = happy parents!

Q: What inspired you to start the company?

As parents of two young children ourselves, we realised there was distinct lack of children’s entertainment at special occasions. Often the children had nowhere to go and play, which left us having to leave the event early. Whilst our children are loud and outgoing, both are scared of bouncy castles after being bumped a few times previously so the idea of soft play as a mobile venture seemed perfect! Our designs compliment wedding décor more than typical bouncy castles too, and are more suited to luxury venues such as Wynyard Hall.

We are a family-run business, and have recently returned to the UK after living in the Middle East for 10 years, serving in the Royal Navy. Providing a 5-star quality service to our brides and grooms is very important to us, we listen to each couple’s individual requirements and are happy to provide bespoke packages.

Q: What do you love most about working in the wedding industry?

A: Simple! Helping the happy couple have an amazing day… Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a special, romantic day? If we can provide a soft, safe haven for children to enjoy, whilst adults enjoy the celebrations, then our job is done. We can even help to solve the age-old question ‘should we invite children to the wedding?’

Q: Are you excited to work with Wynyard Hall?

Of course…. The team shares our ethos in quality and flawless service. The venue is also perfectly suited to the new collection we have launched. The colour tones look fabulous against the opulent interior décor – or in summer months, we can set up outside on the terrace.

Q: How is Silly Sloths Soft Play different from other wedding entertainment?

A: We are unique! Each item is bespoke, made in the UK for us. We also take special requests (no matter how sweet, cute or bizarre), and can arrange for you to have a piece custom made to keep after the wedding. Mini caricatures of husband and wife, wedding cakes and personalised wedding cars are popular.

Q: How does it work on the wedding day?

A: Once you’ve chosen your soft play package, we will deliver and set it up ay Wynyard Hall. Silly Sloths is a great alternative to bouncy castles, children’s entertainers or traditional soft play centres.

Q: What is included?

Our packages, ranging from Adventure to Extravaganza and Full Monty, start at £170. Activities include sensory soft play blocks, building shapes, slides, play and ride animals. Also, stepping stones, hide and seek tunnels, ball pools and balance beams.

Please contact Wynyard Hall’s Wedding Team for more information. Call 01740 644811 (option 5) or email weddings@wynyardhall.co.uk