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Wedding Planning: How to Choose a Photographer

As we’re helping couples plan their big day, we often get asked if we can recommend any wedding photographers. This is partly why we created our list of recommended suppliers – two of whom are David and Paul, founders of Focal Point Photography.

This week, we decided to call on their expertise and ask if they’d care to share their top tips for choosing a wedding photographer.


Firstly, we urge all brides and grooms to select experienced professional photographers who have covered all types of weddings in many different venues and scenarios. Choosing a fully insured photographer who is affiliated to a professional body such as the Master Photographers Association (MPA) or British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) gives the bride and groom confidence that their quality standards and expectations will be met. It’s a huge advantage to book a package that gives you two wedding photographers – which often comes for the price of one. This way you are guaranteed a comprehensive coverage and can be pretty sure no details or unanticipated moments are missed. It is always a good idea to appoint photographers who have knowledge of your chosen venue as they will be familiar will the best vantage points and lighting.


It is important to view whole albums which show full wedding coverage rather than just highlights of a photographer’s work. This will show consistency. Our reportage or documentary-style photography is natural and fresh, often with a nod to fashion and whimsical imagery. However, every bride and groom brings something new and inspiring so we can gauge the natural flow and tone of each wedding.


Above all, enjoy the day!  Weddings can be stressful, but remember that the only important thing is that you’re there to marry each other. Feeling comfortable with your photographers is essential. We welcome our brides and grooms to visit our studio to view our extensive portfolio of work and they will also be able to discuss any concerns or special requirements. Similarly, we recommend choosing a photographer who can be flexible and will listen to what the bride and groom wants.

Value & Quality

Lastly, it’s important to receive good value from your wedding photographer – this doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the cheapest. Above all, we advise couples to establish in advance exactly what they are getting in terms of the photographers time, post-production work and the format of the final images. It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to choose to forego a wedding album in favour of a digital version. This is down to personal choice. However, we do believe a wedding album is such an important investment. You will certainly treasure it forever and will be handed down to future generations!


Photography Credit: Focal Point Photography



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