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Wedding Planning: Choosing A Wedding Florist

Flowers can enhance the unique charm of your chosen wedding venue, providing a touch of colour and natural beauty. Your choice will be a careful aesthetic decision, based on the beauty of the flowers, your personal taste and the colour of your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ attire. So how do you choose the best wedding flowers, and pick the ideal florist?

How to choose the perfect wedding bouquet

  • Your wedding flowers should complement your dress perfectly. The advice from the experts? The more intricate and detailed the wedding dress, the simpler the flowers should be, and vice versa.
  • Some flowers last longer than others. Lily of the valley and sweet peas, for example, both wilt quickly in hot weather. The scent is important, too. If you want scented flowers make sure it’s a scent you like, which doesn’t clash with your perfume. One thing to remember: scented blooms are often more delicate than unscented.
  • Hand tied or wired? Wired bouquets are perfect if you want an intricate or long, flowing design. Natural stemmed bouquets are simpler, perfect for smaller and more discreet designs.
  • Seasonal flowers cost less, and will be in the best condition at the time of year.  You should have them delivered at the last possible minute so they’re super-fresh and crisp, and store them somewhere cool until you need them so they don’t wilt.
  • Last but not least, if you’re tall, you can carry-off a high or long, flowing bouquet more easily than if you’re on the shorter side.

How to choose a wedding florist

Whether you are ordering a bridal bouquet, flowers for your attendants, buttonholes for the groom and ushers, corsages for the mothers, flower arrangements for the ceremony itself or centre-pieces for your reception, it’s vital to pick a florist who’s on your wavelength.

Many couples pick a short-list of three florists to compare, or you may be able to recommendations from friends and family.

  • Set a budget and let your florist know how much you’ll have to spend in advance.
  • Let the florist know how many guests will need flowers.
  • Get an idea of the style or styles you like, to give your florist a starting point. A ‘mood board’ or Pinterest board is an excellent idea, revealing your favourite colour scheme, the colour of your dress, the bridesmaid’s outfits. Print it out and attach real fabric swatches. You can even bring the décor of the wedding venue into play. Or you might want to choose your flowers based on their traditional meanings or symbolism.
  • Visit a local flower market if you don’t know much about flowers. It’ll give you a great idea of what’s out there, and you’ll be able to see and smell the blooms you love best.

If you’re looking for a wedding florist, we’re delighted to recommend Flowers By Nattrass. You’ll find their contact details on our Recommended Suppliers page.


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