Visit England Gold Tourism Award

We’re so pleased to announce that Wynyard Hall gardens has earned its place in the spotlight by receiving the prestigious Visit England Gold Tourism Award. This remarkable achievement underscores the dedication and passion of the Wynyard Hall team, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers, horticultural enthusiasts, and anyone seeking an exquisite English garden experience. In this blog, we’ll explore the beauty and significance of Wynyard Hall Gardens and what this esteemed award means for us as a venue and the local community.
With a stunning lake, winding paths through woodlands, and vibrant flower displays, the gardens are a testament to the dedicated team that tends to them, combining traditional and contemporary gardening techniques to create an ever-evolving spectacle of colours and scents.

The Walled Garden: This enchanting space is a symphony of colours and fragrances, with vibrant flowerbeds, neatly manicured lawns, and a range of ornamental plants. The greenhouse is home to a fascinating array of exotic plants and flowers, including rare orchids.

The Edible Garden: Visitors can explore a cornucopia of homegrown fruits and vegetables, exemplifying the estate’s commitment to sustainable and locally sourced produce, overseen by our Kitchen Gardener, Bethany, if you see her as you wander through, be sure to ask her any questions you might have on the produce from the kitchen garden.

The Rose Garden: The epitome of romantic beauty, this garden features over 3,000 David Austin roses in various hues, providing a sensory feast for those who wander through.

The Wild Garden: An immersive woodland area with peaceful lakes and stunning sculptures, the Wild Garden invites guests to reconnect with nature and explore a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Visit England Gold Tourism Award is a testament to Wynyard Hall Gardens’ commitment to delivering an exceptional visitor experience. It recognizes the estate’s outstanding dedication to maintaining world-class horticultural standards, preserving the historical charm of the gardens, and continuously innovating to provide a unique and enriching experience to its guests.

This prestigious award is not only a celebration of the Wynyard Hall Gardens team but also a recognition of the community and region. It shines a spotlight on the outstanding natural beauty and cultural heritage of County Durham, enticing tourists from all over the world to explore the region’s hidden treasures.

The Visit England Gold Tourism Award enhances the reputation of Wynyard Hall Gardens as a leading tourist attraction in the UK. The recognition solidifies the gardens’ status as a world-class destination, inviting visitors to explore not only the exquisite flora but also the rich history and culture of County Durham.

For the local community, this award brings an economic boost, with increased tourism and footfall benefiting nearby businesses. It reinforces the importance of preserving and showcasing the region’s natural and cultural assets.

Wynyard Hall Gardens winning the Visit England Gold Tourism Award is not only a testament to the dedication of its passionate team but also a celebration of the natural beauty, heritage, and culture of County Durham. Visitors from near and far can now be assured of an unforgettable experience amidst the lush gardens and tranquil landscapes of Wynyard Hall. This award serves as an inspiration for other horticultural enthusiasts and a symbol of pride for the local community. If you’re seeking a garden paradise that truly embodies the spirit of England and the history of the estate, look no further than Wynyard Hall Gardens.