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The Wellington Restaurant: Open to All!

Have you dined at The Wellington Restaurant at Wynyard Hall?

There’s a preconceived idea that to visit The Wellington Restaurant you have to stay here as a guest or only visit for special occasions?

Whilst both are great reasons to visit The Wellington Restaurant and sample the unbeatable food and hospitality on offer, the restaurant is open to all! With the kitchen team led by Michael Penaluna from Newcastle and the front of house team led by Alex Stainsby from Middlesbrough, both men work hard to ensure that everyone feels welcome from the moment they enter.

Local staff are the key to great hospitality here in The Wellington Restaurant and throughout the Wynyard Hall Estate. All the staff are from the local area and extremely passionate about the North East. Guests often comment on how local staff really make a difference to their experience. Not only do our staff deliver the classic Northern friendliness but they are well equipped to advise on local attractions.

ravioliGone are the white table cloths and white gloves of old school dining, instead making way for a more relaxed dining environment. Taking inspiration from Michelin Star restaurants visited by Alex, the tableware of the restaurant reflects the minimal fuss, streamline approach to eating out. The grandeur of Wynyard Hall is still retained in the detailed ceilings and paintings surrounding diners. Minimal modern dining set within a historic restaurant is a style not seen very often but works so well.

Alex and his team are passionate about delivering a great guest experience. They pride themselves on being warm and welcoming, whilst paying attention to your every need. The team are knowledgeable about our extensive wine list and they work closely with the kitchen team to gain a good understanding of the food so that they can make the best recommendations for all diners.

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