The Woodland Walk… Create your own adventure!

The Woodland Walk at Wynyard Hall provides a magical playground where children and adults can explore and create their own exciting adventure. Enjoy a brisk 40 minute walk, or bring a picnic and enjoy a great day out for all the family. The ancient woods is packed with fascinating historic features to keep you entertained… from the stunning temples and follies to monuments erected for Lord Londonderry’s prized greyhounds, horses and family pets.

visitor attraction video

Watch our video of the woodland walk. There’s lots for children to see and do along the route! Be sure to pick up a Woodland Trail activity brochure, which has information about the route and fun activities for children to complete.

woodland walk

The woodland track, which was restored and opened to the public in 2018, has been used by walkers for centuries. After significant investment, some of the beautiful historic features, such as the follies, have been restored to their former glory for all to enjoy.

As well as the many points of historic interest along the route, there is also a children’s play area. Wooden play huts, woodland animals and a fun wooden train handcrafted by a local artist, will get little imaginations working!

An abundance of wildlife lives in and around the woods. From beautiful ladybirds and brightly coloured dragon flies, to frogs, toads and newts. Woodland birds soar overhead. Whilst deep in the undergrowth beetles scurry and spider spin elegant webs.


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