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Gardens Map Index

1. Main Entrance
2. Visitor Centre, Cafe & Farm Shop
3. Walled Garden
4. New Wild Garden
5. Grand Marquee
6. Ratisbon Gates
7. Entrance To Marquee Garden
8. Bell Tower (Entrance To Marquee)
9. Gardener’s Cottage
10. Band Stand
11. The Glasshouse & Potting Shed
12. The Edible Garden

13. The Stepped Plats
A formal grid of large raised beds is overlain with swathes of colour-graded roses and companion plants. Intersecting gently sloping paths provide an ever-changing perspective on the planting, with four contemplative pools punctuating the grid. The hues of the planting evolve diagonally across the grid from warm yellows, through lemon tones, to oranges and rusts, through claret and magenta to the palest of coral pinks.

14. The White Garden
This central axis both divides the garden and frames views along it. Yew hedges and pergolas create a spatial variety along the axis, while openings and windows offer vistas back to the Stepped Plats and up to the Wild Gardens. The White Garden is in fact a careful blend of plants of varying hues, including pink, yellow and white, arranged against the ideal dark backdrop of yew.

15. The Wild Gardens
Designed to evoke the spatial quality of small copses, the Wild Gardens show roses arranged amongst carefully composed matrices of shade-tolerant plants. The flowing arrangement of sweeping paths is overlaid with the precise geometry of a low circular evergreen hedge, evoking the concept of the central open glade.

16. The Pillar Garden
Inspired by the babbling rills of Moorish walled gardens and the perimeter colonnaded walks of Greek and
Roman courtyard gardens, the Pillar Garden occupies the high ground of the western end. A riot of yellows and oranges splice across the garden, while a symphony of graduated hot and cool pinks, blues and violets frame the two upper pools.

17. The West Border
A central pergola offers a resting point and a framed view down the centre of the entire garden. Cool pinks are juxtaposed with warm pinks and whites, against a simple backdrop of soft textures and silver tones to give this east-facing border an ethereal quality in the cool of the afternoon shade.

18. The Bell Tower Border
Radiated heat from the garden wall and an abundance of light mean this south facing border can host an array of plants from more southerly climes. Rich tones have been chosen, to absorb rather than reflect the strong light, while silvery hues evoke the sense of the Mediterranean.

19. The South Border
There are plenty of roses which will thrive in the microclimate of a north facing wall, and here they are combined with bold swathes of shade tolerant plants. Trees lend height to the border and help to anchor the planting against the scale of the wall.