Our History

Beyond the beauty of Wynyard Hall, evident at first glance, lies a fascinating history, enriched by a huge cast of characters, who all played their part in its remarkable story.

For generations, thanks to the considerable social and political influence of the Londonderry family and their circle of friends, Wynyard performed an important role on the world stage, playing host to royalty, aristocrats, politicians, diplomats, artists and writers. Their lives and loves, triumphs and disasters, pleasures and past times illuminate this wonderful house, shedding light on a vanished world.

Present Day

Over 30 years on since Sir John Hall purchased Wynyard Hall, his dream of leaving an enduring legacy of his time at Wynyard has flourished. Wynyard Hall has continued to be one of the most renowned destinations in the North East and what was once only enjoyed by certain members of society, is now available to all.

Determined to honour the proud tradition of illustrious predecessors, Sir John Hall and his family are dedicated to the continuing and future success of Wynyard Hall. Their vision, commitment and respect for Wynyard’s history assures its sensitive transformation for the future.

Where we are going

As custodians of the estate, it’s our job to maintain and evolve this iconic jewel in the North East. We are opening up further land for more public access, restoring and developing buildings around the estate and enhancing the surrounding parkland for wildlife to flourish. The next generation of Wynyard looks towards sustainability, estate-grown produce and is adopting a plot to plate mentality like its predecessors. As a brand, we move forward but honour the legacy of our past.

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