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Spa Treatments to Wash Away the Winter Blues

Spa Treatments to Wash Away the Winter Blues

Rain is falling, temperatures are dropping and perhaps so is your mood?  Going to work in the dark, leaving in the dark and spending no time in the sun. A common theory is that lack of natural sunlight inhibits the body’s production of melatonin, serotonin and messes with our internal body clock (making us feel gloomy).  Spa treatments, on the other hand, make us feel radiant from the inside out. Here’s why…

Holistic therapies help reduce stress, relax the body and calm the mind. There are countless health benefits including pain relief, reducing anxiety, plus improving sleep quality, blood flow and skin cell regeneration. And, Spa treatments allow us to have a little self-indulgent me time.

The Spa at Wynyard Hall (a beautiful conversion of the old Victorian boathouse overlooking the lake) has lots of treatments to help lift your mood and energy levels as the dark, winter nights draw in.

For thirsty skin in need of a little hydration…

The Totally Quenched & Drenched

If your lips and face are getting a little chapped with the cold weather, this wonderfully rehydrating facial is a saviour for thirsty skin. It lasts for 75 minutes and is specially designed to leave the face looking radiant and fresh. Our therapists use powerful anti-aging anti-oxidants that really fight the ageing process and tackle the loss of elasticity in the skin. It offers intense hydration for the face and eliminates fine lines. A powerful eye therapy is also included in the treatment, almost like a facial iron!

For you when you need pure, heavenly indulgence…

Champagne & Truffles Deluxe Treatment

If the disappearance of the summer sun is starting to get you down, perhaps it’s time for some serious pampering? During our 90 minutes Champagne & Truffles treatment, your therapist will apply lavish, luxurious ingredients to your skin including Champagne, silk, diamonds, gold and truffles, all guaranteed to turn any frown into a smile!

The treatment includes techniques to reveal fresher skin and an incredible warm melting mask to iron out wrinkles. Your therapist will perform a lifting massage that strengthens and tones the face, followed by a unique blend of ice to help reduce puffiness. They will apply Temple Spa’s award winning Skin Truffle. Just in case you are yet to experience this amazing product – Temple Spa spent 5 years perfecting the blend which gives instant radiance, lustre and clarity to the face. It helps tackle long-term aging and revives tired or dull skin. Skin Truffle helps keep moisture levels of the skin consistent and protects you from spots and hyper-pigmentation. We can’t get enough of it in the Spa at Wynyard Hall!

Spa Treatments to Wash Away the Winter Blues


Do you feel tired or lethargic during winter? Our Matins treatment has been specially designed to give you an instant natural pick-me-up. The invigorating massage will leave you full of vitality! Your therapist will use specialist massage movements to improve circulation, tone muscles and stimulate your entire body. Furthermore, the treatment is finished with an incredible rescue mask that helps to restore and revive the skin.

Just for you, when you don’t know what you want…

My Kinda Mood

Not sure which Spa treatment to pick? Leave it to us! Your therapist will perform a prescriptive facial and massage that’s completely bespoke to your body. First enjoy a short consultation to discuss how you are feeling – think skin, body and soul! Then take a quick scent test which allows your mind and body to decide which aroma matches your mood. Taking 120 minutes, this treatment is the most relaxing and restorative full body massage and facial ever created! What’s more, your therapist carefully selects products and techniques that match your wants and needs. Above all we promise, you’ll look, feel and smell divine!