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Savour Magazine Review

savour magazine

Georga, Editor of Savour Magazine, has visited Wynyard Hall a number of times over the years and we were delighted to welcome her back recently to review the Wellington Restaurant for the first time under Executive Head Chef Michael Penaluna.

savour magazine review

Clearly impressed, we were featured in both the Editors Letter and a double-page spread!

In the Editors Letter, Georga praised the fresh-faced talent of Alasdair MacDonald, our 20-year-old Restaurant Supervisor: “Alasdair MacDonald is fresh-faced and bursting with enthusiasm… It’s Alasdair; food and beverage assistant George, 19; chef de rand Kayleigh, 21, and 27-year-old restaurant manager, Alex, that give eating at Wynyard Hall that je ne sais quoi”.

Georga’s advice? To “visit and lap it all up”!

In the main double page spread review, Georga writes: “Some placed just nail it. Wynyard Hall is one of them.” She acknowledges that after a couple of years where the food was “more on the casual side”, we are back with “an absolute bang”.

Georga praises Executive Head Chef Michael Penaluna, who lives and breathes the “plot to plate” ethos that Wynyard Hall have been developing for the last 5-years.

Her conclusion: “They’ve absolutely put it in the back of the net”.

Thank you, Georga! We look forward to welcoming you back to Wynyard Hall very soon 🙂