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Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake

By 20th February 2020 No Comments

With so many decisions to make during your wedding planning, there’s one choice that is more fun to make than the others! Picking the right wedding cake can be difficult which is why Burnett 4 Cakes is here to help!

Guest blog by recommended supplier, Burnett 4 Cakes

Choose the right wedding cake maker for you.

Sample the product, look at their designs and meet the maker.  Do you think you could work with them to create your dream design?

You can meet us (Chris & Vicki, from Burnett 4 Cakes) at wedding fayres and showcases, where we can discuss your ideas and you can sample our cakes, surrounded by the opulence of your stunning venue.  Just like you would be on your big day!

You could also come along to our house to discuss the finer details of your wedding cake and try more samples!

Choosing a design

Once you have decided who will make your cake, the fun part is choosing the design.

Look at all the options.  What kinds of cake do you like the look of; which ones do you definitely not like?  Narrow down the options and then focus on the detail.

Once you’ve decided on the shape and size of the cake, consider how you would like it to be decorated.  Would you like it to co-ordinate with your room décor, complement your outfits or express your personalities?

Do you want the elegant classic designs that stand the test of time, or something that reflects current trends, such as hiding a little dog peeper or a nod to your favourite football team, somewhere on your cake, for those who know you well, to spot?

We have brought so many different styles to this venue, over the years, from the beautifully classic, all-white designs with intricate detail, to those featuring bold coloured flowers, co-ordinating with the fresh flowers of the bouquets.

We have created art décor designs, to mirror the designs around the venue and caricatures to represent the couple, along with the people and animals in their family!

wedding cake

Where to display your bespoke wedding cake?

Sometimes the cake is the stand-out feature in the room; a real talking point.  Sometimes it blends in beautifully with the surroundings.

We would recommend that you take into account the room it will be displayed in.

Are there any striking colours or features that you would like to highlight?

Is there a mirror to help people to see the detail at the back of the cake?

Will people be able to walk all the way around the cake or will it be against a wall?

As a recommended supplier of Wynyard Hall, we have delivered many cakes to this stunning venue, since it opened, over ten years ago.  Wynyard Hall have so many stunning rooms to choose from, which are so versatile in the way they are laid out; which room would suit your cake the best?

We have delivered and set up romantic designs next to the top table, under the lamp, in the Ball Room.  We have placed bold Belgian chocolate centrepieces, in the bright and beautiful conservatory, and cakes with delicate details hidden at the back of the cake, to be revealed by the stunning mirrors in the Mirror Room.

wedding cake

When will it be seen?

Wynyard Hall is such a professional venue.  As their recommended supplier, we know Wynyard Hall well and they know us.   Therefore, delivery and set up is seamless for us.  We would usually deliver on the morning of your wedding, so the cake is there before you and your guests arrive.  But we could bring it later in the day if that would suit your plans better.

When will you cut the cake?  Are you going to serve it with the speeches, during the wedding breakfast or keep it for your night-time guests to see, still intact, and then share with everybody, on the evening?

wedding cake

What about the taste of your cake?

Would you and your guests prefer fondant icing, butter icing, no icing or even Belgian chocolate, on the outside?  What about the inside?

Arguably, the best part of choosing your wedding cake is picking the flavours. The choice is vast!

At Burnett 4 Cakes, we offer at least 11 varieties of sponge cakes, including chocolate, chocolate-orange, mint-chocolate, madeira, lemon, salted caramel, carrot, ginger, banana, cherry, red velvet and, of course, fruit cake.

We would recommend that you pick your own personal favourites, ideally with a selection to keep everybody happy.

If you really love cake, why not ask the venue to keep a little back for you to enjoy after the big day or even on your honeymoon.  Alternatively, if you have enough for your guests, keep a small tier of your favourite flavour, uncut, to enjoy to yourselves afterwards.

You may be too busy talking to guests and enjoying the day to eat cake!

Here at Burnett 4 Cakes, we are often told the whole cake was eaten on the day and the couple didn’t even get to try a piece!  At least it gives them an excuse to come back to us for an anniversary cake, or future birthdays or christenings (which would enable them to indulge in their favourite cake!)

The time of year may be reflected in your cake choice-would you like a wintry, frosty look, with warm, comforting flavours like ginger cake, chocolate-orange and fruit cake or would you prefer summery lemon cake decorated with fresh berries?

How many tiers would you like and how many servings would you like to try to get?   Not everybody will have a piece, but some may have more than one.  Although, if you choose a different flavour for each tier, some people might want to try a piece of each!wedding cake

Something a bit different.

Some couples might opt for a selection of small desserts or cupcakes to accompany their main cake, for their guests to help themselves to.

You could go for something completely different, such as a tower of profiteroles, served with a choice of sauces.  We offer white, milk or dark chocolate sauce and caramel or butterscotch sauce.  Or you may prefer a three-tier display of cheesecakes, made by our patisserie chef, Chris, topped with fresh fruit or Belgian chocolate curls.

To tie the cake in with the tables, you could also treat your guests to personalised chocolate bars or biscuit favours, created using the same colours as your cake.  We have made many different designs in the past and are always looking for new ideas.

You may have guests with particular dietary requirements.  These may be satisfied on an individual basis, or a few guests could share one option.

wedding cake

The choice is yours

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding cake for your special day.  The photo of you cutting the cake will bring back all the fond memories you may have of the decision-making process.

The beauty of this particular room decoration is that you also get to eat it!

Good luck & all the best!

wedding cake