Free Puppachino's

Join us in creating tail-wagging moments as your pup savours the joy of a Puppachino, a canine delight that adds a sprinkle of happiness to every visit

Monday - Sunday

Free for Pups

Joining us at the gardens? Treat your canine companions to a special treat with a free Puppachino for every dog!

Wander through the breath-taking landscapes of Wynyard Gardens, as your furry friends explore the scents and sights that await them. To add a touch of joy to their adventure, we’re offering a complimentary Puppachino for every dog visiting our gardens!

A Puppachino is a tailor-made, dog-friendly cup filled with a frothy, delicious blend of dog-safe ingredients. It’s the perfect way to pamper your pup and make their day extra special.

Terms and Conditions:
One free Puppachino per dog