Meet our supplier: Broom House

Broom House is a windy spot at 750 feet, with fabulous views over the surrounding countryside, when the weather allows! Broom House is a livestock Farm – so most of their fields grow grass and clover mixes. Some arable crops, such as oats and barley are grown as well as peas and forage crops like kale – with the aim of creating a healthy rotation to improve soil so that they can produce much of their own feed for the animals as possible.

Broom house has a herd of beautiful Aberdeen Angus cattle as well as a large flock of Lleyn Sheep and a small herd of Saddleback pigs as well as a flock of laying hens.

The animals are reared outside on grass and clover pastures in the drier months, with the young stock being kept inside on straw in barns during the winter months.  Livestock is managed to the highest standard of welfare, with a minimum use of medicines and bought in feeds.

In 2007 the farm obtained full organic status.