Flower Power Plant Fair at Wynyard Hall

Wynyard Hall is pleased to be welcoming back to the estate in July, the enchanting Flower Power Plant Fair! Step into a realm where nature’s most captivating creations come alive in a riot of colours, scents, and mesmerising beauty. Flower Power Plant Fair is the perfect event dedicated to celebrating the wonders of flora, where floral enthusiasts, gardeners, and nature lovers gather to immerse themselves in a botanical wonderland.

Held in the Walled Garden of Wynyard Hall, you are immediately greeted by an ethereal ambiance. Fragrant floral aromas permeate the air, and vibrant petals blanket the surroundings, creating a magical tapestry of nature’s bounty. The fair is set amidst our sprawling gardens and lush green spaces, designed to transport visitors into a realm of pure floral bliss.

Following on from the success of the fair back in May this year, Judy Popley, Director of Flower Power Fairs tells us:

“I’m thrilled to continue to hold plant fairs at Wynyard. I discovered this magical estate some years ago whilst researching the Londonderry family and fell in love with it. The Walled Garden was just a lawned area then and there was no impressive Grand Marquee. Over the years the gardens have been lovingly restored and I’m really, really thrilled to be holding a plant fair within the Rose Garden again this summer.”

“Not only will visitors be able to buy plants but the gardens will be awash with roses, clematis and fantastic herbaceous perennials so its just the perfect time to visit.”

Stroll along meandering pathways lined with blooming flowers of every kind. Majestic  David Austin roses in full bloom, delicate perennials, trees, and colourful blooms compete for attention, each showcasing their unique characteristics and captivating the senses. Expertly arranged displays showcase the creativity and artistry that can be achieved with petals, leaves, and stems.

Visitors can learn about different flower species, gardening techniques, and sustainable practices from knowledgeable experts who are eager to share their wisdom.

The Flower Fair isn’t just about admiring and purchasing flowers; it’s an immersive experience for all ages. Tickets for the event can be purchased <<HERE>>