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Destination Detox: 5 Luxury Spa Treatments For January

“Three hours of insatiable pampering… once you come around you feel like a silky, smooth new thing, ready for anything…” – Luxe magazine’s review of our Serious Detox treatment.


You had a magical Christmas and a thrilling New Year. Now the festivities are over and you’re feeling jaded, faded and worn. It’s time to treat yourself to your very own January detox, with a choice of wonderful pampering experiences courtesy of our beautiful lakeside Spa.

Every treatment is designed to melt away stress and tiredness, and the setting is quite simply breathtaking. Our tranquil Spa sits at the edge of the lake, set like a jewel in the landscape, surrounded by mature trees and perfectly-manicured lawns.

Forget reality for a while. Step outside your everyday life and start 2016 with some well-deserved indulgence. We’ll give you a warm professional welcome. And you’ll leave feeling like a brand new woman, full of vitality and rejuvenated from top to toe.

5 lavish spa treatments from Wynyard Hall

We provide an exciting range of luxurious therapies. Here are the top five detox treatments, those our clients love the most. Which will you choose?

Purification Facial – Sixty minutes of pure indulgence

Our fabulous Purification Facial is a full 60 minutes and costs just £60. It’s perfect when your face needs a gentle but thorough spring clean. Beginning with a highly effective brush cleanse, followed by a gentle yet effective facial massage and exfoliation, the symphony ends with a lush Mud Mask… which does its remarkable work while you’re enjoying a lovely hand and arm massage.

Oily skin conditions such as acne, blemishes and blackheads disappear, leaving your face purified, brighter, cleaner and beautifully moisturised. And yes… you will feel a million dollars!

The Outer Glow – Sixty minutes of heaven

Face and body exfoliation is the name of the game with our popular 60 minute Outer Glow treatment, yours for just £60. And you’ll adore our unique Sugar Buff Body Scrub.

We’ll polish your body to perfection and exfoliate your face beautifully with our Breakfast Smoothie, an invigorating and refreshing all-over treatment for incredibly soft and smooth skin. You’ll emerge feeling gorgeous inside and out, revitalised and hydrated.


Go Figure – all-over revival for tired, sluggish bodies

If your wobbly bits have become more wobbly since the festive season, this one’s for you. Our Go Figure treatment is designed to give your entire body a boost after seasonal excess. A full 60 minute treatment for £65, it’s a brilliant way to firm, tone and tighten yourself from top to toe.

We start off using firm brushing, sloughing movements to stimulate lymphatic flow. Your hips, thighs and abdominal muscles get a fantastic detoxifying massage using techniques targeted at problem areas. Then there’s an intensive marine and earth mud wrap. We finish off with a lovely friction rub, rich in our very special Go Figure anti-cellulite gel, leaving you feeling like new with your clothes a little looser. Wow.

Glorious Mud – Condition and detoxify your body

An hour’s worth of skin conditioning and a detoxifying mud wrap delivers a whole new you: refreshed, looking great and full of the joys of spring. It costs just £65 and, as you’d expect, we insist on the finest detoxifying and body purification ingredients.

This special treatment kicks off with a wonderfully brisk top-to-toe body brush to encourage lymphatic flow and make you feel alive. Then we smooth on the most gorgeous, silky, warm vitamin and mineral-rich mud designed to nourish and purify. Comfortably cocooned in a cosy wrap, more relaxed than you’ve ever been, our glorious face and scalp massage may even send you into a delightful state of euphoria. That’s what we call a proper treat.


The Serious Detox – All-over, pore-deep cleansing

Did you over-party this Christmas? We’re delighted to introduce our three hour Serious Detox. At just £170, perfect cleansing and detoxification are yours…

First we exfoliate your entire body. Then we treat your hips, thighs and abdominal muscles to a specially-targeted detoxifying massage. But there’s more. Next comes a super-stimulating marine and earth mud wrap. Then we finish off with a brilliantly invigorating full body massage, using lymphatic drainage techniques to make a dramatic difference to the way you feel.

This treatment is also an excellent start to getting back in shape, giving you the inspiration you need to carry on the good work. We’ll even give you a complementary Temple Spa Detox Plan to take away with you.

Most of us feel less than our best at this time of year, with the green shoots of spring a long time away and the days endlessly dark and gloomy.  Our detox treatments make winter worthwhile. Why not book a place now, or bring some friends and make a day of it?

PS. If you’d like to explore our extensive treatment list, download our new Spa brochure.