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Wedding cakes

Choosing your wedding cake is a truly delicious task! From sampling cake flavours and selecting the style, to exploring a rainbow of frosting colours.

Choose a cake after making your major wedding styling decisions

When designing your cake you need to make sure it complements the look of your venue, the season, your wedding dress, and your flower arrangements. You want everything to blend and flow together nicely and not have colours that clash or stand out (and not in a good way).


Think about your design

When starting to think about your design the best thing you can do is gather visual inspiration! Think about shades, textures and fabrics. Do your research. Pinterest and Instagram are loaded with pretty pictures to help you discover new ideas. Search for hashtags relating to your theme. For example, #enchanted #vintage #traditional. Even if you think you have your design, still have a look as you may find something better! You can make a mood board of ideas for the perfect cake. Take these ideas to your cake designer and they can help make it for you.


Think beyond the classic flavours

When people hear wedding, they might think traditional. Don’t think you have to remain traditional with your wedding cake though! When it comes to cake fillings, the options are endless! Your cake will look and taste amazing, so don’t be afraid to stray from vanilla and chocolate. Our recommended suppliers Burnett 4 Cakes have all kinds of wonderful flavours – chocolate orange, chocolate mint, banana, salted caramel, Madeira, carrot, lemon, cherry, ginger, red velvet and Champagne!


Consider the weather

The weather can have a massive impact on the design of your cake. If you’re having a wedding outside in the summer, cream is not the ideal choice. Like ice-cream it will melt in the sun. From the first moment you meet with your cake designer be sure to tell them all the fine details about your wedding. This will really help when designing the cake


Give your cake the spotlight

You want your cake to be displayed before it is cut and consumed. We recommend sitting your cake next to the top table during the day. This way it is in full view to be admired. If you are having your evening reception in our conservatory, we often move the cake into the middle of the dance floor for it to be cut before the first dance. Centred in the middle of the room all eyes are on you, your partner and your scrumptious wedding cake!


Don’t forget to top it off

There are many beautiful and unique ways to top off your wedding cake. This year’s trends have been simple but effective. For rustic lovers, bunting cake toppers have been very popular and create a shabby chic feel. Traditional Mr & Mrs signs and initials have been popular, but made with wood or wire to make them more contemporary.

Check out our Pinterest for cake topper inspiration. https://goo.gl/031ddq


Eat your cake (Seriously!)

Make sure you get the chance to eat your own wedding cake before jetting off on your honey moon. This might sound a little obvious but you’ll be so busy mingling with guests, it’s easy to forget about cake! Useful tip… you can ask your caterer to save some for you! You have taken the time to design the cake, you have to eat it too!