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Christmas At Wynyard Hall

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Experience Christmas At Wynyard Hall

We are very excited to welcome Santa back to Wynyard Hall for Christmas 2019! This year is going to be extra special as he is bringing his REAL reindeer.


Visit Santa and Explore the Woodland Elf Trail this Christmas

“Visit Santa” is incredibly popular at Wynyard Hall. This year we are building a grotto in the Wild Garden especially for Santa. It will be a little log cabin, set amongst the trees, surrounded by candy canes.

Santa’s reindeer will also be stationed in the Wild Garden, making the experience truly magical for all ages. You will be able to pet and feed the reindeer – special reindeer feed is provided by Wynyard Hall in dispensers around the enclosure (£1 per handful).

Fun Fact: Reindeer only have one set of teeth (along the top), so they can’t bite you!

The Elf Trail takes place along our 3k Woodland Walk. Open daily from 30th November until Friday 20th December. Wynnie, Santa’s naughty Elf is hiding on the route. Everyone is invited to help us find her. Children will be able to find clues along the trail!

Experience Santa’s Christmas Magic

Everything comes to life on Saturday 21st December, as Santa’s Christmas magic get’s stronger! We need to find Wynnie, so Santa has recruited his team of “Head Elves”! Children will be able to interact with characters along the Woodland Trail and there will be lots of family fun to ensure everyone leaves feeling in the Christmas spirit.

Breakfast with the Elves

Throughout December, Children are invited to join Santa’s Elves in the Gardens Cafe for breakfast. In addition to a delicious breakfast of pancakes/waffles and syrup, honey or nutella, the Elves will help children write their letters to Santa and they will sing special Elf songs. Following breakfast, all children will have the opportunity to visit Santa’s Reindeer and then families can embark on the 3k Elf Trail should they wish.

Supper with Santa

Supper with Santa is not to be missed! Join Santa for a yummy supper of pizza and chips (Santa’s favourite). Santa will delight children with tales of the North Pole and ask them what they have been up to this year (have they been naughty or nice)? He will lead a trip through the Gardens to see his real Reindeer. Children (and parents) can pet and feed the magnificent creatures. Finally, return to the Cafe, where our Head Elf will end the evening with a special Christmas story. Each child will receive a small gift from Santa on departure.