Afternoon Tea Returns to Wynyard Hall

In a world that constantly moves at a hectic pace, finding moments of tranquillity and indulgence has become increasingly important. One timeless tradition that has made a delightful comeback to Wynyard Hall is afternoon tea. Steeped in history and elegance, the revival of afternoon tea is a reminder of the pleasures in taking a pause and savouring the finer things in life. Join us as we explore the resurgent charm of afternoon tea on a monthly basis.

Afternoon Tea will return to the Hall on the following dates:

 Sunday 25th June
Sunday 30th July
Tuesday 29th August
Monday 29th October

Did you know afternoon tea originated in Britain in the mid-1800s as a light meal to bridge the long gap between breakfast and dinner. It was introduced by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who found herself famished during the late afternoon hours. She began requesting a tray of tea, sandwiches, and pastries to be brought to her room, and soon, this charming ritual caught on amongst the upper classes!

Afternoon Tea £35.00 per person, includes a welcome drink. Reserve your table <<HERE>>