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A Retrospective Wedding at Wynyard Hall

By 12th February 2020 No Comments

Guest blog by recommended supplier, Gary Walsh Photography.

You’re the fourteenth doctor and your tardis is ready and waiting to take you back to the first day you started planning your wedding.  Apparently the average couple are engaged for 13 months, which is also (as luck would have it) the recommended wedding planning duration.

We are very lucky in the North East to have a beautiful range of wedding venue options.  Castles, Barns, Hotels, Stately Homes and Country Houses, however, with all these wedding options, how did you decide on Wynyard Hall?

Fortunately, time travel is not yet possible so once you’ve done all your wedding planning, preparation and your big day has been and gone, all you are left with is your memories and your photographs, but if it was possible to go back (after all  I’m guessing you only want to do a wedding once) and now you’re equipped with hindsight, what did you learn? How would you tweak things? What did you worry about that you didn’t need to?

Pinterest boards, websites, social media advice and old school walking the walk, are all ways to plan a wedding.  Which of these did you use?  Which would you recommend? What advice would you give to a couple starting their wedding planning journey?

These are the questions I sent to a lovely Wynyard Hall wedding couple Anna & Andy who I photographed on the 21st April 2018! I love the answers they came back with…


We got engaged in January 2017 in Venice, (a total surprise to me!). I never really imagined getting married. Growing up I hadn’t really been the type to have a ‘Wedding Idea’ scrapbook etc. On our journey home from Venice, our flights had been delayed so whilst sitting in the airport, Andy started looking at some venues for us to start looking at. The first venue was Wynyard Hall. We actually contacted them straight away to arrange a viewing.

The night before the viewing and going to meet the wedding coordinators, Andy had had a ‘big’ night out! As you can imagine he was very worse for wear! The journey involved quite a few sick stops and we arrived up to the beautiful grounds with him holding a bottle of Lucozade. Thankfully Ashleigh, our Wedding Coordinator, saw the funny side of it!!

We were shown around the different rooms and Ashleigh explained the wedding set-up and explained the different Wynyard Wedding Packages on offer. It was our first venue viewing and it seemed a little daunting as things seemed real! I remember Ashleigh leading us into the conservatory and I turned round to look at Andy (just to check he was still there and not asleep on the sofas!) and he just said to me – ‘This is it, we don’t need to view anymore- nothing will match this!’ Obviously we did have a look around some other venues but he was right (for once), our venue was Wynyard Hall! It was just so grand! We loved the high ceilings and space – everything was perfect and it was on our doorstep. We booked it around 3 weeks later for 21st April 2018.  The countdown was on!

We pretty much started planning the wedding straight away. Plenty of Pinterest boards were set up and a stack of wedding magazines were bought. At the time I thought that was the thing to do but an overload of information made decisions harder for me. We’d choose a colour scheme and then see a photo in a magazine and start and question everything we had agreed on.

I think we visited our first wedding fayre in February 2017 at Wynyard Hall. We met yourself (Gary Walsh Photography), Sadie May CakesValerie Rose and Rosewood Co and again, we knew we didn’t need to look any further for suppliers. We couldn’t have been more happy with our choices.

I found wedding planning testing at times, we just had to remind ourselves it would be worth it. At times it felt like it was taking over our lives, it was like having another full time job! Andy was very hands-on with the planning and liked to be involved right to the finer details which surprised me. Every other bride had told me it’s YOUR wedding, he will just go along with it. Not Andy! Even down to the flowers with Valerie Rose so that the bridesmaid bouquets matched the groomsmen’s ties, he liked to have his input! I was grateful for this as I can be quite indecisive!


The wedding dress hunt – hated it!! I probably tried on over 100 dresses and was waiting for that feeling that everyone told me would happen when I tried on THE dress.  The dress I finally picked was nothing I ever thought I would have chosen. Andy, however, knew exactly what he wanted from the get-go- a classic navy blue suit!

The biggest worry through the full planning was the dreaded seated plan!! It caused many sleepless nights thinking about who to sit where and which table to put next to which. The criteria seemed endless. A few times I had to give myself a reality check, it’s only for a few hours and if people want to move around then they will. The night before our wedding, our plan had to be changed and I instantly felt sick. The staff at Wynyard Hall were a massive help! They did everything and more to take control of this. I basically rang the wedding coordinator, left a voicemail with the amendments and they dealt with it.

We booked our main suppliers straight away which is the best advice I can give to anyone. If you know the photographer, florist, band you want to use – get them booked early rather than face the disappointment of someone beating you to it!! They take so much stress off the day itself and you know you are in safe hands! You want someone you can be relaxed with. We picked THE BEST!


Try not to overthink every little detail or what each and every guest will think. It’s YOUR wedding and everyone else will just go along with it. Have things how you want them. Same with the weather, we have no control over it, so don’t stress it!

The day goes by so quick and parts of it seem like a blur. It’s hard to take it all in. My favourite part of the day was the journey from the church to Wynyard Hall and when we went to The Gardens at Wynyard with yourself (Gary Walsh Photography) and Little Bow Brides (videographer). It was the only time we got just the two of us and we didn’t have to think or worry about anyone else. I’d definitely recommend it!


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